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Ardmor hospitality services
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Hospitality is about Service, Expertise and Experience that hits the mark every time


Our passion and dedication as professional hoteliers is what sets us apart. Headed by Alan O’Leary who not only has an impressive track record but has consistently delivered market leading tangible results.

Alan brings all his expertise and knowledge to every project ensuring tangible consistent results which are hard to beat.

Ardmor hospitality sales rep


Our Sales Team is highly trained and are passionate about serving their customers. Using market leading tools, we ensure that every client is properly qualified and looked after to ensure no opportunity goes unmissed. 

With over 600 active accounts which have been qualified and the relationships of which nurtured over time, we understand what our customers want and proposition accordingly.

With market leading customer retention, we see our customers as paramount to our success and as such yours too.

Ardmor hospitality digital marketing


We believe that while our partners and properties speak for themselves, they should always remain top of mind and on everybody’s lips. After years of using Digital Agencies which rarely delivered we started our own in-house agency. 

We believe we are truly unique in that we are specialized and focused on Hospitality more specifically Small Medium Sized Hotels. Knowing what makes hotels and their experiences truly memorable enables us to engage emotionally with our audience and drive real sales directly to your Hotel.

Ardmor hospitality owner representaion


With years of experience in reporting to Owners which more often than not are overseas and have little or no understanding of Hotels or the ability to bench mark the performance of their respective Investment. We have found it is important to bridge the Gap between Operator / GM and Owner.

We give honest feedback in terms of the Hotels Performance against its peers and the market. We also support General Managers in the Development, Implementation and Review of High Performance Strategies.


In these uncertain times now more than ever it’s important to know whether you are getting the most out of your Hotel.

Ardmor hospitality BEE


We understand that in this ever evolving space one needs to understand how to create mutually beneficial partnerships. We do this while keeping the spirit of transformation at the heart of the transaction.

With our network of partners who not only can bring real strategic value but address the need for transformation we are confident we can create a solution which meets your requirements and puts you at the front of the pack.

Ardmor hospitality hotel development



Property development forms one of the pillars on which Ardmor Hospitality has been built. In fact, it is a part of our very foundation.

With experience in the Development and Expansion of several Hotels not only in South Africa but in the United Kingdom we are well equipped to advise and assist Owners in the Development and Operation of New Properties.

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